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During an appointment in August of 2021, Nicki (her nickname) told her Las Vegas-based obstetrician-gynecologist, Dr. George Chambers, that she had been having difficulty achieving orgasm after childbirth. 


They were alone in the office, no other patients or staff were present. Chambers told her he would make her have an orgasm and inserted his fingers in her while asking her if it felt good and similar questions, to which she responded no. After a minute, he stopped.

There is currently criminal and state medical licensing board investigations into Chambers. 

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“I was thinking like, do I run out of here naked or do I, you know, try to get some help. But I was just too scared…and on the whole ride home I was just thinking like, Was this some kind of medical procedure? Is this something that gynecologist really do? I think I was trying to justify it in some way. Because it was traumatic,” -Nicki 

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