I'm working on a portrait series of people who use their scooters as their sole means of transportation. In Las Vegas, owning a scooter doesn't require registration or insurance, making it a reliable form of transportation for those without the means to have a car. Buying and maintaining a car is one of the most expensive and necessary things to survive, and tickets and/or economic troubles makes it a beast when you're already in a relentless poverty trap. 

BARS: *Brothers Are Radically Superb. 

Dub, Ant, Beemo and Reshawn. 

Their sole income is performing on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. They are a family, a brotherhood, a way to stay out of trouble ("It's either this or gang-banging...So I'd rather dance than gang-bang"). All four live in a studio. Reshawn and Beemo, together a few years now, are pregnant and due in early August. They could get "real" jobs but they love dancing. When you walk Fremont Street there are dozens of  street performers. Do you ever wonder what their lives are like? For some it's a hobby, for the BARS this is it, this is their 9 to 5. So this is an intimate portrait of a young group that are trying to stay away from the grittyness of Las Vegas life, trying to elevate their craft, and trying to live and love as a family. 


2016 Rachel Aston 

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